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chronic illness & disability


Why coaching?

As a chronically ill and disabled person, I understand the multitude of ways our health impacts not only our bodies and our lives, but also dating, sex, and our relationships. We have all the stressors and challenges of abled-bodied folks, but with so much added on top. 


Disabled people are often treated like their sexuality, pleasure, wants, and needs are an afterthought—but they're not. Let's figure out how to get you the sex life and relationships you want. 


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A coach who not only gets it—but lives it too

Being chronically ill and/or disabled can be a constant challenge that impacts every aspect of your life—including your sex life and relationships. Doctors and our society can be dismissive and treat you as if your sexuality and pleasure doesn’t matter, and it can be so easy to fall into the trap of feeling frustrated, ashamed, and broken. I help people learn that they are not broken and that their pleasure DOES matter, while unlearning the shame and guilt. How you're feeling is a perfectly normal response to an abnormal situation.


I've also felt those feelings of being betrayed by my body and that frustration that I "can't just be normal." I've had my concerns dismissed by my healthcare providers, spent days navigating insurance claim issues, had endless medication side effects, figured out how to have a great sex life despite vulva pain, and have had to navigate a "new normal" more times than I can count.


Everything that happens in your life impacts your sex life and relationships and how you show up in them. It didn't take long for my chronic health issues to impact mine, at first in broader ways and then more directly when I developed sexual pain disorders. I was shocked at how hard it was to find resources or even medical providers that took my concerns seriously. I just wanted someone to understand and want to help me, and when I couldn't find what I needed I decided to create that resource for others like me.


You are a whole person who still has their own wants, needs, and desires—and being chronically ill, having chronic pain, or being disabled doesn't change that. Let's work together to help you have the sex life, pleasure, and relationships that work for you!

Individuals, couples, & caregivers

I offer coaching with individuals, couples, or other arrangements (such as patients with caregivers) to folks of all genders.


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Some of the things we can work on together

• Learning how to navigate sex in a way that feels good for YOUR body and finding ways to experience pleasure regardless of what your body throws at you

• Navigating body/health anxiety and feelings of body betrayal

• Advocating for your sexual health with healthcare providers, caregivers, and partners

• Unlearning the internalized ableism and recognizing how it impacts the way we see ourselves and what we think we deserve, both in and out of our relationships of all types

• Dating, relationship, and communication challenges — in general or specific to you chronic illness or disability

• Asking for what you want & speaking up about your needs

• Disclosing your chronic illness/disability to new dates/partners

• Communicating to new and existing partners or dates how your body works and any accommodations you might need

• Troubleshooting sexual side effects—and finding ways to enjoy sex with or without them

• Figuring out the right safer sex practices for you and learning how to communicate your needs and boundaries

• Navigating your sex life with sexual pain disorders and reoccurring infections that stop you from enjoying sex the way you want to

• Exploring how to have great sex without penetration (there are so many options, I promise!)

And so much morereach out or book a free consult so we can discuss your coaching needs


As a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach, I leverage my experience as a sexuality educator and my training as a coach to empower you to make decisions that work for you. And as a queer, chronically ill/disabled, kinky, and non-monogamous person myself, I take a sex-positive, inclusive, trauma-informed, and pleasure-focused approach to working with my clients.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, I work with my clients to creating a coaching experience tailored specifically to them. I help people figure out what they want out of their sex lives and relationships and then figure out how to find what works for them.
I love what I do. There’s no judgement. No shame. No ableism. No matter who you are, you deserves to embrace your sexuality in a way that works for you—and I can help you get there!
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Ready to create the sex life and relationships that work for you?