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Why Coaching?

If something in your sex life or relationships isn't working for you and you're ready to work towards having the sex life and relationships you want—coaching is for you. I believe that everyone deserves to have the sex life and relationships that work for them, and I want to help you have that. 


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Coaching tailored specifically for you

There's no formula for coaching that will work for everyone—you're an individual and all of your identities, experiences, and other aspects of your life have an impact on how you experience sex and show up in your relationships. That's why we'll work collaboratively to discuss what you're looking for and create a coaching experience that's designed specifically to help you reach your goals.


I offer both one-on-one coaching with individuals or couples coaching to folks of all genders. 


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• They're ready to challenge the narratives they were taught about sexuality, relationships, and dating to figure out what works for them

• They're struggling with chronic illness / health issues or medication side effects that impact their sex lives and relationships.

• They're struggling with with how their ADHD is impacting their experiences with relationships, dating, and sex

• They have questions about sexuality, exploring new aspects of their sexuality, sex toys, and more

• They want to figure out what they need—and then learn to advocate for those things, both in and out of the bedroom.

• They want to feel better about sex, their bodies, and their relationships

• The want to develop better relationship communication skills

• They want to expand their view of sex and find more ways to enjoy and explore their sexuality

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As a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach, I leverage my experience as a sexuality educator and my training as a coach to empower you to make decisions that work for you. And as a queer, chronically ill/invisibly disabled, kinky, and non-monogamous person myself, I take a sex-positive, inclusive, trauma-informed, and pleasure-focused approach to working with my clients.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, I work with my clients to creating a coaching experience tailored specifically to them. I help people figure out what they want out of their sex lives and relationships and then figure out how to find what works for them.
Chronically ill and invisibly disabled folks, fellow ADHD'ers, queers, and non-monogamous folks are my specialties, but I'm here to help anyone looking for healthy relationships full of consent, pleasure, and great communication skills!
I love what I do. There’s no judgement. No shame. No -isms. No matter who you are, you deserves to embrace your sexuality in a way that works for you—and I can help you get there!
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Ready to create the sex life and relationships that work for you?